Q: Where can I purchase plants grown by Corso’s Horticulture?
A: Corso’s Horticulture provides premium plants to select stores and suppliers throughout the Midwest. You will find our plants in leading home improvement retailers and landscape materials suppliers. We provide plants for stores located in eleven states from New York extending west to Missouri.

Q: What does Corso’s Horticulture Grow?
A: Coro’s Horticulture has 80+ years of experience in growing both perennial and annual plants. We specialize in providing a vast selection of traditional plants along with the latest trends. Examples of Corso’s Horticulture plant offerings include numerous varieties of Coreopsis, Day Lilies, Echinacea, Heuchera ,Hostas, Leucanthemum, Oriental Lilies, Phlox, Succulents (Sedum) along with numerous other plants. We grow and supply over 1,000 plant varieties each year.

Q: Where is Corso’s Located?
A: Corso’s Horticulture is head quartered in Sandusky, Ohio. Corso’s Horticulture has Ohio greenhouse operations in Sandusky and Margaretta Township along with greenhouse supplier alliances throughout the United States and Canada.